Thursday, September 10, 2009

Following my Adventures in New Zealand.

The best job has been provided by a travel company in New Zealand called Entirely Kiwi. My job will require me to travel the length of New Zealand, participating in different activities and visiting beautiful destinations, basically just be a TOURIST.

I don't get a wage as such but all my expenses during my 3 month trip in New Zealand are paid for by Entirely Kiwi. So a big THANK YOU to them.

The purpose of this is so that I can show you guys the best places and activities to visit and do. I will be doing this through myspace, facebook, twitter, blogspot, wordpress and bebo.

I'll make sure all of these sites keep you up to date with the latest in New Zealand but most of all I'll make sure they are interesting! To do this I will be uploading videos, photos, interviews with the locals as well as tourists, and detailed descriptions of my adventures!

My adventures start on the 20th of February 2010 and you can have your say in my itinerary at

Here are the links to all of my sites:




Monday, September 7, 2009

I WON!!!


Simon Mclean

Vmail and Fotomedia

Dorothy Hamilton

Jodie Powell

Maria O'Conner

Rebecca (I & L)

Megan Ferguson

My parents

Joe Costello

Anna Hood

Ben Schultz

Richard Robinson

Noreen Breakey

Karen Hughes

The University of Queensland, School of Tourism

And obviously to everyone else who became a follower of my blogsite!!

Celebrating the Good News.

TOP 3!

Thankyou to everyone who became a follower and helped me get into the top 3. Arggh I am so excited. I find out tonight at 8:00pm who the winning candidate is and HOPEFULLy that will be me- i'll have the champers ready to celebrate!

Thanks soo much guys for everones help after all it was YOU who got me through to the top 3.


15minutes of fame

On Friday I received a phone call from channel nine asking if I was free to have an interview and get some footage to feature me in a story at 5.30 that night (Friday night) and obviously I said YES. It was so much fun! I felt like a movie star ha-ha. My family were so excited they genuinely think I’m famous. I had to explain that a 2-minute feature story on channel 9 news does not necessarily mean I’m famous. However, I did get asked that night if I was the girl who was on the news so that was pretty awesome!

Then on fathers day I had my makeup done in the morning for a photo shoot with courier mail. The photo shoot was down at Currumbin beach and I had a ball. Although not sure how models deal with the brutal honesty from photographers. Its not like your friends when they take a photo “ohhh that’s nice” translation “that was horrible”. The photographer just tells you straight up “oh no that was awful don’t do that pose again”. Not too great for the self esteem but I’m still standing!

This week has just been a whirlwind of excitement for me. I have been taking phone calls from radio and TV stations as well as newspapers all week. Although its been exciting its been extremely nerve racking. Having the fait of your future career resting upon your family, friends and the wider public is not very fun but all I can say is you need A LOT of trust in other people!

After my photo shoot I got to sit, back and relax in my backyard overlooking the Tallebudgera Creek with my family and drink a few champers! Great ending to a great day!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

People are still a little confused as to what the job is that I am applying for. I think people are confused and think that it is a competition and I am winning a free trip. Well I guess this is true to an extent but it is an actual job!!

I will be required to travel all around New Zealand both south and north island and promote NZ and Entirely Kiwi to the world through any means possible! I do not get a wage as such but Entirely Kiwi pays for everything! Flights, accommodation, activities, food, transport you name it! BUT this is not just a leisure trip! Like I said the main reason I will be travelling is to let you guys know where the best places are to see etc. I will be doing this through this blog! As well as my facebook and myspace pages!
ALSO please make sure you only put in ONE email address per person!! People think that by putting all 5 of their email addresses i.e. hotmail, work, school etc. they are helping me but Entirely Kiwi made it very clear that this will get me eliminated!!!
Thanks again guys!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Entirely Kiwi Finalist! TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Voting ends on the 8th of September which is THIS Tuesday!!!

Okay so today I arrived home at around 6:00pm after being stuck in traffic for two and a half hours! Only to find something that would change my life…

An email from Entirely Kiwi saying that I have qualified into the top 10 finalists ARRGGGH! It was the best news I had heard all day and I went from being stuck in traffic to being on cloud nine! I started screaming my head off, mum thought someone was robbing the house, my step dad thought I was insane but I just couldn’t control my excitement!

So now that my video application has pulled me through to the top 10 (which you can view below), Its up to you guys to get me into the top 3! And when I say its up to you guys I MEAN IT! The 3 candidates who have the highest number of followers on their blog will progress through to the next round.

So steps for you guys to follow in order to help me get the highest number of followers:

1) Click FOLLOW this blog

2) Send an invitation to follow this blog to all your msn, myspace, facebook, twitter and email contacts!

3) Then tell them to send an invitation to all their contacts and so on.

A word of warning from Entirely Kiwi: Any candidate found with followers who are not genuine (ie. friends with multiple accounts! ) will be automatically eliminated. SO PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ONLY BECOME A FOLLOWER ONCE!

About Myself

You would think that I love dressing up...

Nope, not really, I just seem to get invited to a lot of dress up parties!

I am in my last semester of university, FINALLY! I've been studying a bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management for the past 3 years at the University of Queensland. I cannot wait to get out into the big bad world and make my mark!

I live on the sunny Gold Coast, which I must admit is a pretty amazing spot to grow up, but its time for me to spread my wings and fly to a new place. Hopefully that place will be New Zealand!